Chen Jiongliang: let more “Foshan valve brands” go international
Foshan China 2022-09-29 10:05
September 27 marked the first Foshan Entrepreneur Day and Foshan Talents Day. Chen Jiongliang (Jol, Vice President of Yongquan Valve Technology Co., LTD., has been devoted to developing high-tech valves in Foshan since 2019.



After graduated from a prestigious school in Canada, Jolan has been working in the local financial industry. He said he always felt proud when people around him mentioned that Foshan manufacturing enjoys good reputation in the world. He learned about the governments support for the manufacturing industry from his family members and his friends who have returned to China in recent years, so he decided to return to Foshan three years ago, embracing the opportunity of upgrading in domestic manufacturing industry.



As an old Chinese saying goes, newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. Thats exactly how bold Jolan is and so are many other young entrepreneurs in Foshan. Standing on the shoulders of their parents, they have greater ambitions to give it a go.



After Jolan returned to China in 2019, Chen Jiongliang found that the Internet of Things is widely used in China. He tried to incorporate this technology into their products and led a team to add sensors and chips to the valves, realizing remote monitoring and operation.


Jolan said, their products can be seen in national key projects like Beijing Daxing International Airport, National Stadium and National Center for the Performing Arts. The bigger goal would be to let more “Foshan valve brands” go international.


Video produced by @foshanstyle