2 trillion yuan!Top 100 Foshan Enterprises reached a new high in 2022
Foshan China 2022-09-29 11:11

On September 27, the conference on 2022 Foshan Entrepreneurs Day was held, and lists of Top 100 Foshan Enterprises, Top 100 Manufacturing Companies, and Top 100 Private Enterprises in 2022 were released on the spot.


A total of 153 companies were selected in the three Top 100 lists, with a total revenue of more than 2 trillion yuan. In 2022, the top 100 key enterprises in Foshan have reached a new high in operating revenue.


As released, among the Top 100 enterprises in Foshan in 2022, 54 are manufacturing enterprises. Manufacturing has always taken a big proportion among the top 100 enterprises in Foshan. Among the Top 100 enterprises in Foshan, 35 enterprises have reached a revenue of 10 billion yuan, with a total income of 876.09 billion yuan.


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