Midea Group: digital intelligence enables manufacturing transformation and opens up a new global world
Foshan China 2022-11-03 16:15

Efficient work by machinery robots, intelligent handling car shuttling back and forth... Here, in the factory of Midea KWHA Dish Washer Company (Shunde), a new round of transformation in digital construction and green and sustainable development are now in full swing.


Digital Intelligence Operation Center of Midea KWHA Dish Washer Company (Shunde)


In recent days, the Report to 20th CPC National Congress has become a hot topic among Midea Group employees. “The Report is inspiring and it pointed out a direction for enterprises in Foshan to unswervingly pursue high-quality development.” Said Li Guolin, Vice President of Midea Group.


Opening up new track in digital transformation 


Recently, the World Economic Forum announced a new batch of "Lighthouse Factories", and Midea KWHA Dish Washer Company (Shunde) was selected, becoming the fifth digital factory in Midea to win the honor. In recent years, Midea Group has accelerated the digital transformation and driven tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises to be more "digital", empowering Foshan to build a leading manufacturing city in the Greater Bay Area.



Display of intelligent products


Liu Yulong, General Manager of Midea KWHA Dish Washer Company (Shunde), said that the great-leap-forward development achieved by the company should be credited to unremitting persistence on digital intelligence and Sci-tech innovation. At present, the company has more than 3,000 independent patents. "Take our quality center as an example. Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and big data have covered the whole production process, and the diagnosis error rate had dropped by 80 percent." Liu Yulong said.


"The Report to 20th CPC National Congress mentioned, ‘Accelerate the construction of a modernized economic system and focus on improving productivity. This is also what Midea Group always pursues. Liu Yulong said, the company will improve production efficiency and promote the wide application of its industrial Internet platform products in more areas. Meanwhile, it will strive to overcome key technical issues in the industry, share the digital experience to more enterprises and help to boost the high-quality development of Guangdongs manufacturing industry.


Pursuing green and sustainable development in a long run 


The Report to 20th CPC National Congress calls for green development and promoting harmonious coexistence between human and nature. Li Guolin, Vice President of Midea Group, was deeply encouraged by the Report. He said it is also our responsibility and mission to pursue green, low-carbon and sustainable development.


In recent years, under the guidance of the green strategy, Midea Groups business divisions and factories are vigorously carrying out green and low-carbon transformation by promoting ecological chain and reducing carbon. In order to accelerate the global layout of Midea Group and seize the opportunity of carbon neutrality, on October 14 this year, a new production and research base was officially landed in Italy, marking a new track for Midea to carry out green and sustainable development. In addition, this year, Midea has built up several green manufacturing benchmark factories, which are expected to be built as "super-energy-efficient" and "zero-carbon" factories according to international standards.


Li Guolin said that in the future, under the concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” and on the basis of carbon reduction, Midea Group will vigorously build a global green and low-carbon supply chain system, and promote the green and coordinated development of the industrial chain, making green and low-carbon development as an advantage for enterprises, and let people enjoy the fruits of green and low-carbon development.



A production base of renewable energy utilization devices invested by Midea Building Technologies in Europe