Shunde issues policies to support robotics industry
Foshan China 2023-01-31 09:50

Recently, Shunde released measures to support robotics industry from eight aspects in order to build Beijiao Robot Valley into a world-famous highland of robotics industry. The maximum reward for a single term reaches 200 million yuan.

The measures will support robot-related enterprises from eight aspects:

1.Project settlement support: provide land price discounts, rent and plant purchase subsidies and fixed investment subsidies.

2.Talent support: provide key talent subsidies, executive talent subsidies and living facilities.

3.Research and development support: give subsidies to scientific advances and the construction of innovation platforms.

4.Reward for companies with certain achievements: excellent economic contribution to the market, significant growth in business scale, or listing in the stock exchange market.

5.Sales support: encourage enterprises to grow in volume and form clusters.

6.Financial support: provide financial supports relevant to venture capitalization,, loan interest subsidies and state-owned investment to qualified enterprises.

7.Targeted support measures will be applied to major projects.

8.Inclined support is given to the utilization of energy and land, and guarantee of environmental capacity.

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