Shunde eel attracts national attention again
Foshan China 2023-06-12 15:10

On the evening of June 7, CCTV-2 Financial Channel broadcasted the program "Why are fatty and tender Chinese eel so favored?", promoting Shunde eel to national audience.

The eel promoted in the show is from Shunde. In fact, Shunde is one of the most important freshwater aquaculture and export bases in China, and eel is one of the Shunde's key aquatic products, which has been favored by domestic and foreign consumers.

Originated in Japan, the eel breeding industry was introduced to China in the late 1970s. In the 80s, Shunde people originally started to breed eel in local ponds. By successful experiments and promotion, by the 90s, the eel breeding area in Shunde reached 6667 hectares, making Shunde one of the main production, processing, and export bases of eel in China.

In addition to the breeding scale, the product quality and safety monitoring system is another key to Shunde eel's success. With the goal of making Shunde eel the safest freshwater aquaculture product in China, Shunde has implemented strategies of standardized production, industrialized operation and quality supervision, striving to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the eel industry.

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