Shunde Xiangyun Yarn once again attracts national attention
Foshan China 2023-06-14 17:31

On June 11, a program on CCTV-4 about Shunde Xiangyun Yarn has received national attention. To produce Xiangyun Yarn, it needs to go through 14 types of techniques and 36 processes, making it the name of "soft gold".

Xiangyun yarn is a traditional dyed fabric from Lingnan region, and its dyeing technique has more than 500 years of history. In 2008, Xiangyun yarn dyeing skills were recognized as the National Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Based on silk and dyed with wild yams, the production of Xiangyun yarn goes through the process including silk making, dyeing and fashion design.The special craftsmanship creates its uniqueness and style. With one side being glossy black and the other side being matte russet, Xiangyun yarn is truely elegant and unique.

The glossy black side comes from a magical process in which the river mud is evenly stirred into a paste and then applied to the surface of the raw silk to form a layer of river mud. And then after washing, this side of the raw silk will show the wonderful dark color.

As the origin of Xiangyun yarn, Shunde Lunjiao has also spared no effort in inheriting and preserving Xiangyun yarn. Actively consolidating and highlighting itself as the origin of Xiangyun yarn, Lunjiao has been promoting the transformation and upgrading of Xiangyun yarn industry, protecting the intellectual property rights of Xiangyun yarn clothing design, and building a mutual cooperation platform between enterprises and designers.

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