Shenling Thermal Storage Factory to offer integrated solutions for global customers
Foshan China 2023-06-29 14:16

On June 27, the inauguration ceremony of the Shenling Thermal Storage Technology Factory was held at the Shenling Hi-Tech Industrial Zone. The completion of the thermal storage technology factory marks the beginning of Shenling's progress in the field of thermal storage and its new blueprint in the European and American markets. Shenling Thermal Storage, built according to EU standards with a global layout, will provide integrated solutions for solar thermal storage to customers worldwide.

Cutting-edge Technology: Providing Integrated Solar Thermal Storage Solutions

Low-carbon development has become a consensus in today's society, and it is the responsibility of enterprises to apply clean and low-carbon technologies to support social development. In response to market demands, Shenling Environmental established its subsidiary, Shenling Thermal Storage, in August 2022. Shenling Thermal Storage focuses on the climate and household scenarios in Europe, developing heating units with ultra-low-temperature heat pumps and combining solar energy utilization and energy storage technologies to offer integrated solutions for solar thermal storage to European and global users.

Shenling Thermal Storage has built a testing center and manufacturing center that comply with EU standards.

The manufacturing center is equipped with advanced automation equipment and a top-notch team of skilled technicians. It possesses robust manufacturing capabilities and a rigorous quality control system, providing stable and reliable heat pump products. The production line equipment and automation facilities are based on advanced industrial manufacturing technology, ensuring the manufacturing flexibility and efficiency, thereby guaranteeing international competitiveness in product craftsmanship and delivery cycles. Currently, the thermal storage automated production line has obtained the explosion-proof safety certification from TÜV Süd, an internationally recognized certification institution.

Joint Efforts to Create a Technological Innovation Hub in GBA

Hu Yongfeng, Mayor of Xingtan Town, stated that Shenling Environmental has always carried forward the spirit of being bold, proactive, and pioneering, and has shown its professionalism, dedication, and innovative spirit by investing heavily in expansion projects. This demonstrates the favorable environment for innovation and entrepreneurship in Xingtan, Shunde. Currently, the town has 430 high-tech enterprises, representing a 40% increase compared to the previous year.

He also outlined the upcoming focus on advancing technological innovation in Xingtan. Firstly, they will adhere to developing manufacturing, especially advanced manufacturing. Secondly, they will strengthen cooperation and forge closer ties with research institutions such as Ji Hua Laboratory and Xianhu Laboratory, establish partnerships with Beijing University of Science and Technology and Wuhan University of Technology, and promote deep integration of industry, academia, and research. Thirdly, they will cultivate talents, create a first-class business environment, and nurture first-class innovative talents. Fourthly, they will provide wholehearted services to enterprises and young talents. Lastly, through joint efforts between the government and enterprises, they aim to transform Xingtan into a technological innovation hub in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.


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