ANDRITZ boosts Jiujiang's high-end manufacturing with 500 mln yuan investment
Foshan China 2023-07-12 15:36

Nanhai's Jiujiang Town has witnessed a significant milestone as Andritz (Foshan) Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. celebrated the opening of its Phase 1 operation and the signing of the Phase 2 investment project on July 8. With an investment surpassing 500 million yuan, this project marks a new chapter in the town's high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

The inauguration of ANDRITZ (Foshan) Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. represents a substantial extension of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry chain in Jiujiang Town. It strengthens the modern industrial system in Nanhai District, while accelerating Foshan's overall industrial layout. Additionally, it expedites the establishment of the Foshan Jiulong High-end Equipment and New Material Manufacturing Industrial Park, one of the top ten innovative leading characteristic manufacturing parks in Foshan.

The auspicious event also witnessed the signing of the Phase 2 investment project with a total investment of over 500 million yuan. By integrating advanced pulping and paper making technologies and introducing new foreign processes, ANDRITZ seeks to expand its production scale, aiming for an annual output value of approximately 600 million yuan.

As a globally leading technology group, ANDRITZ sets its industry benchmarks in terms of processes, quality, and influence, making their presence in Jiujiang Town a significant stride for the local high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

ANDRITZ (Foshan) Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd., nestled within the Lingang International Industrial Community, spans an area of around 40,000 square meters with a total investment exceeding 240 million yuan. Its primary production includes core components for feed and biofuels, pulping, and papermaking sectors. Boasting internationally advanced technology and processes, the company anticipates achieving an annual output value surpassing 150 million yuan, and employing approximately 200 individuals.

"New" in product technology

The Phase 2 investment project introduces cutting-edge technologies for the first time in China. These advancements are poised to enhance the product quality and market position of ANDRITZ, propelling Jiujiang Town towards high-quality development.

"Fast" investment pace

The Phase 1 project swiftly commenced construction immediately after land acquisition, completing the main workshop construction within 12 months. Remarkably, the Phase 2 investment project is already underway within 24 months. These actions demonstrate the company's confidence in the Chinese market and their trust in the investment environment of Jiujiang Town.

"Concentration" of industrial system

ANDRITZ's settlement in Jiujiang Town consolidates the local high-end equipment manufacturing industry, while the Phase 2 project injects renewed vitality. Jiujiang Town has been keeping pace with Nanhai District in constructing a modern industrial system centered around new materials, intelligent manufacturing, and green furniture. The increased investment will significantly contribute to Jiujiang Town's progress towards becoming a material highland and a manufacturing city in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

"Optimized" platform construction

Being one of the first companies to settle in the Lingang International Industrial Community, ANDRITZ has played a pivotal role in promoting industrial platform construction in Jiujiang Town. Its digitized and modernized factory has enhanced the overall image of the community. Jiujiang Town is currently expanding its industrial platform by developing over 20,000 acres of industrial space, leveraging the position of the Jiulong High-end Equipment and New Material Manufacturing Industrial Park. This strategic move aims to consolidate large-scale projects, drive industrial development, and establish a robust high-end equipment manufacturing cluster in Foshan.

"Economic growth" on the rise

Amidst stable and healthy global economic and social development, Jiujiang Town has been actively pursuing economic growth. In the first half of this year, numerous projects, including Nanhai Aluminum, Lanzhou LS Heavy Equipment, and Advanced Energy Storage Technology, have successfully landed, resulting in the allocation of approximately 274 acres of land. Jiujiang Town achieved remarkable rankings in terms of increased value of industrial added value, fixed asset investment growth, and industrial technological transformation investment growth. The launching and increased investment by ANDRITZ will undoubtedly further boost industrial and economic development in Jiujiang.

Looking ahead, Jiujiang Town remains committed to attracting investment and talent while emphasizing manufacturing and innovation. This steadfast commitment aligns with its development strategy to become a prominent manufacturing town. Moreover, it will generate momentum to drive Foshan’s comprehensive advancement towards middle and high-end manufacturing segments.



Photo | ANDRITZ, Foshan News and Media Center