Flower Economy Blossoms in Chencun, Shunde
Foshan China 2023-07-28 14:42

Recently, Chencun's Butterfly Orchids has attracted national attention again on CCTV-2's economic TV program.

Flower Economy Boosts Rural Revitalization

Chencun Town in Shunde District has been known as the "Millennium Flower Town". In 2020, "Chencun Butterfly Orchids" became the fourth registered agricultural product with geographic trade mark in Shunde and the second national agricultural product with geographic trade mark in Chencun Town after "Chencun tangerines". The bright and delicate butterfly orchids, with petals resembling dancing butterflies, has the annual production and sales volume exceeding 85 million plants, accounting for 10% of the national total.

In recent years, butterfly orchid cultivators in Chencun have been dedicated to cultivating new varieties and constantly innovating to meet new market demands.

Furthermore, Chencun cultivators have also leveraged the power of e-commerce via livestreaming to sell butterfly orchids to customers nationwide, bringing new domestic varieties of butterfly orchids to the market.

In addition to cultivating and selling fresh flowers like butterfly orchids, various types of "Flower Economy" businesses are also flourishing in Chencun, with "Flower Banquets" becoming a popular delicacy for visitors from all over.

Besides, "Flower Study Tourism" has also become a new trend in Shunde. In the past two years, 20,000 people have participated in Shunde's Flower Study Tours, bringing over 5 million yuan income to farmers.

Today, the industrial chain of Chencun's Butterfly Orchids is relatively complete, covering every aspect from research and development to production and sales, which helps over 100,000 farmers increase their income. The flower economy based on the butterfly orchids allows Chencun people to live a more fulfilling and prosperous life.

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