Manufacturing takes the lead | Foshan's Auto Industry Sparks Innovation with New Projects
Foshan China 2023-08-15 17:45

The innovation project of Foshan's automotive industry and manufacturing industry was launched on August 12 at FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. in Foshan, under the theme of "High-quality Development and Manufacturing Taking the Lead". The event was jointly initiated by FAW-Volkswagen Automotive, Foshan News and Media Center, TGPM, and Guangdong Highnic Group.

Since the beginning of this year, Foshan has been highlighting manufacturing taking the lead with high quality as the main line, solidly promoting various policy measures to stabilize growth, and actively guiding all kinds of high-quality resources and elements to gather in the manufacturing industry. As a leading automobile manufacturer in China, FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Foshan is a pioneer among manufacturing-oriented companies in Foshan. With its solid craftsmanship, exclusive perfect car purchasing experience, and safe and fast battery charging, FAW-Volkswagen Automotive has been widely recognized by consumers.

At the launching ceremony, FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Foshan planned to join hands with affiliated manufacturing institutions of related enterprises in fields such as culture and tourism, education, livelihood, and publicity around the theme of "manufacturing taking the lead". Projects such as manufacturing cultural tourism and student courses about manufacturing will also be set up to help boost Foshan's high-quality economic development, sharing the achievements of urban development with the public.

For example, Foshan News and Media Center are playing a crucial role in the promotion of manufacturing cultural tourism with FAW-Volkswagen Automotive (Foshan), TGPM, and Guangdong Highnic Group.

In terms of student courses about manufacturing, FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Foshan, based on its leading technology in electric intelligent vehicles, customizes different courses for teenagers according to their age. Through visits to intelligent manufacturing centers, teenagers can improve their cognition and broaden their vision, laying the foundation for their further innovation.

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Photo | Foshan News and Media Center