Qilong Intelligent Manufacturing Headquarters Project has Settled in Xingtan
Foshan China 2024-01-17 15:58

On January 15th, in an open bidding project located in Mai Cun Second Industrial Zone, Xingtan Town, the nationally recognized high-tech enterprise, Qilong Co., Ltd. successfully secured the bid through its subsidiary, contributing to the promotion of the coordinated and high-quality Development of urban and rural areas.

Spanning an area of 67.7 mu with a total investment exceeding 820 million yuan, this project aims to establish an environmentally friendly packaging material R&D and intelligent manufacturing headquarters, integrating automated production lines, intelligent assembly, and digitized workshops. Anticipated to be completed in 2025, the project is projected to generate an annual sales revenue surpassing 800 million yuan and contribute over 33.85 million yuan in taxes. This initiative stands as a robust testament to the expansion and strengthening of the headquarters economy in Xingtan, facilitating increased capital for local high-quality enterprises.

In 2023, Xingtan introduced 13 significant industrial projects, providing 1,050 mu of land with a total investment exceeding 10 billion yuan. In the upcoming year, Xingtan will continue to earnestly implement the decisions of the district committee and government, vigorously pushing forward with determination. The goal is to supply over a thousand acres of industrial land throughout the year, showcasing Xingtan's commitment and serving as a model for the development of Shunde.

In recent years, Shunde has been diligently cultivating its developmental advantages, striving to establish itself as the most manufacturing-friendly powerhouse. By spearheading flagship projects and fostering a synergistic relationship throughout the industrial chain, Shunde is accelerating the development of clustered industries. In 2024, Shunde remains committed to vigorously supporting the growth and fortification of enterprises within its industrial chain, assisting businesses in achieving transformation and upgrading, and positioning Shunde as a vanguard for high-quality county-level development.

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