Over 100 mln USD livestream e-commerce project kicks off in Nanhai
Foshan China 2023-03-14 10:01

On March 8, the "1+N" e-commerce industry layout press conference and the groundbreaking ceremony of Qiwang Livestream E-commerce Intelligent Delivery Center were held in Dali, Nanhai. During the event, Nanhai revealed the "1+N" E-commerce Industrial Layout with Dali as the core town, aiming to drive the upgrading of multiple industrial chains in the district, and the Qiwang Livestream E-commerce Intelligent Delivery Center project also officially started construction. The project takes an investment of over $100 million dollars and a total construction area of more than 110,000 square meters, integrating functions such as livestream office building, smart packaging center, distribution center, and high-standard warehouse.

Wu Jiawei, managing director of Foshan Qiwang Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., said that they set their sights on Nanhai Dali because of its excellent location in the Greater Bay Area and its deep e-commerce industry foundation, the high-quality business environment, and the perfect corporate services provided and created by Nanhai government.

On the same day, the "1+N" E-commerce Industry Layout of Nanhai with Dali as the core town was also officially revealed. The “1” refers to Nanhai Comprehensive E-commerce Industry Center created by Dali, which innovates and develops new models and new formats of e-commerce business. And the "N" refers to the e-commerce advantageous industries that can develop dynamically in Nanhai. With the resources and experience of the industry center, traditional industries can transform, upgrade, and develop rapidly, relying on e-commerce carriers to form a joint force.

In recent years, the e-commerce business in Dali has shown an agglomeration effect. Up to now, there has been more than 20,000 e-commerce companies and nearly 130,000 e-commerce employees in Dali. The business has attracted many well-known e-commerce companies to settle in, and has given birth to many livestream celebrities. Dali will further follow the guidance of the government's e-commerce layout plan to comprehensively create an excellent e-commerce development environment, fully support high-quality livestream e-commerce companies to take root in local and strive to build itself into the top livestream e-commerce town in the Greater Bay Area.

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