Another Foshan's delegation departed to seize foreign investments
Foshan China 2023-03-01 18:04

Foshan made further progress in seizing overseas investment recently. On February 26, an economic and trade delegation with 33 representatives from Foshan headed to Japan and South Korea to launch a series of economic cooperation and docking activities.

Representatives in the delegation team come from 19 enterprises, including FSL, Huate Gax, Gold Medal Ceramics etc. The 8-day economic and trade exchange activities will incorporate various forms including exhibitions, direct visit, conference, etc, to further enhance the interaction among Foshan, Japanese and Korean enterprises, and explore new cooperation patterns. It marks another remarkable move for Foshan to seize business cooperation after the Spring Festival.

"Every second matters", Shi Chunping, executive vice president of Foshan International Digital Industry Promotion Association expressed high expectation for the visit. “We have to make full use of these 8 days to get more cooperation opportunities in Japan and South Korea. One minute earlier, you may have one more chance.” Shi Said.

On February 26, the delegation team from Foshan ready to set off.

It's worth mentioning that the delegation team will visit large international exhibitions including Tokyo Architecture & Construction Materials and International Lighting Exhibition. They will made their visit to some institutions and enterprises as well, like Japan External Trade Organization, Japan Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Japan Trade and Economic Center, etc.

During the visit, there will also be an economic and trade exchange meeting held in Japan and Korea, to further consolidate the partnership among Foshan, Japan and South Korea, also as a driving force to achieve more investment cooperation in the future.

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