Russian Manager aims for sales growth with upcoming Canton Fair
Foshan China 2023-03-13 11:18

Oleg from Russia is the general manager of Foshan Big Climatic Manufacture Co. Ltd. Three years ago, he was appointed by the Russian headquarters to manage its factory in Foshan, but due to the global pandemic, he could only manage it online. After the adjustment of the pandemic prevention and control measures, he immediately came to the Foshan factory's production line from Russia.

With the full resumption of physical offline exhibitions after three years, it will be the first time for Oleg to lead his team to exhibit in the Canton Fair. In his view, it is not only the huge Chinese market but also the high requirements for the quality of home appliances from Chinese consumers that promoted the continuous improvement of the company's products. He is full of confidence in the Chinese economy and will further develop the Chinese market. Watch the video to hear his story.

Video by Foshan News Network