Green Digital Intelligent Demonstration Industrial Park kicks off in Gaoming
Foshan China 2023-03-04 12:38

The groundbreaking ceremony of Guangdong Esquel Group's Green Digital Intelligent Demonstration Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as "Esquel Park") was held on the morning of March 1. The industrial park is one of the group's expansion projects with a total investment of over 250 million yuan, aiming to set a new benchmark for low-carbon development of the textile supply chain. At the construction site of the industrial park, the ground has been leveled to prepare for the next piling stage. The first phase of this project takes up 20,000 square meters land and the main construction will be completed in July this year. The whole industrial park is expected to operate in March next year.

Esquel Park project will be constructed in two phases, with a total construction area of over 34,000 square meters. The park will contain plastic factories, rope factories, warehouses, etc. The whole industrial park will be jointly built by Guangdong Esquel Group, China Everbright Environment Group Ltd., and Shandong Zijian Group. Through systems such as digital production management, smart energy management, smart logistics and equipment operation, the factory area, warehouses and the whole supply chain is going to be comprehensively integrated, and therefore the production efficiency, the managerial effectiveness and the enterprise’s competitiveness will be significantly improved.

Huang Kunyu, director and general manager of Esquel Group, delivered a speech at the ceremony. "As a world-leading knowledge-based innovative enterprise, our group has rapidly adjusted and established a new business strategy, that is, assisting our group and the whole textile industry achieve potential growth. Meanwhile, by enhancing our technological research and our brand development, we aim to empower the upgradation of our business partners and the whole industry, eventually, helping Guangdong Province to become a world-leading industrial province for textile and garment."

Huang Baojian, member of the Standing Committee of the Gaoming District Party Committee and the Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Hecheng Subdistrict, also said that the local government will devotedly serve the group, promoting the completion of the project. Huang further emphasized that, Esquel Group should take this project as a starting point to take the lead and set the example in the green and digital transformation. With mutual interest, the government and enterprises will strive to boost the development in Gaoming.

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