Eddie's hydrogen journey③ | A car running on hydrogen energy?
Foshan China 2023-05-25 18:02

Hydrogen power products are making everyday life more convenient. On May 23, 2023, the opening ceremony of the World Hydrogen Technology Convention was held in Nanhai District, Foshan, commencing a new chapter onhigh-quality development of hydrogen energy industry. This global conference on hydrogen technology will continue until May 26, showcasing the latest products, technologies, and equipment in the hydrogen energy field.

Have you ever seen a car that runs on hydrogen energy? You've probably seen hydrogen-powered buses on the road, but have you ever seen a hydrogen-powered car? At the Exhibition, Deepalpresented their latest product, the S7 Hydrogen Electric version. This vehicle features a hydrogen fuel cell system developed by Deepal, and it can run onhydrogen or electricity. With a range of over 600 kilometers and hydrogen consumption as low as 0.73 kilograms per hundred kilometers, the car can be fully charged with hydrogen in just three minutes, providing a quick and convenient driving experience.

Video by Foshanstyle