"3+3 Development Plan" to boost manufacturing industry in Chancheng
Foshan China 2023-02-22 15:36

On February 18, the Scheme to Promote High-quality Development in Manufacturing Industries in Chancheng District (hereinafter referred to as "Scheme") was released during the economic work meeting in Chancheng District.

According to the Scheme, there will be two major goals, covering the comprehensive strength of manufacturing industry and the scale and quality of producer services.

Comprehensive strength of manufacturing industry

By 2025, the number of special and sophisticated enterprises in Chancheng District should double to 200. The total industrial investment should double to more than 10 billion yuan.

By 2030, total industrial output should double to 400 billion yuan and the number of enterprises above scale should double to 1200.

Scale and quality of producer services

By 2025, Chancheng should construct "3+N" clusters for producer services and cultivate a group of demonstration producer service enterprises.

By 2030, Chancheng should become one competitive cluster of producer services in GBA. Producer services should contribute over 60% in the increase of total service industry output.

To achieve the goals above, there are two directions accordingly. Firstly, Chancheng will improve the land utilization for industrial development, for instance, encouraging industries settling in office building. Additionally, it will foster the industrial transformation and update, enhancing Chancheng's competitiveness in quality, efficiency and speciality.

Meanwhile, through expanding the producer services, it is to strengthen its supporting role in the development of manufacturing industries. It aims to become the most influential industrial service center in the west bank of Pearl River Delta.

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