IP of "Made in Foshan" launched to boost home furnishing industry
Foshan China 2023-02-28 17:41

On February 25, an industrial IP "Made in Foshan" was released at the press conference of "Made in Foshan" Industry IP Enterprise Management Standard.

At present, Foshan has the most complete industrial chain of home furnishing in China, whose diversity in subdivision has ranked as the first tier in China. The scale of home furnishing industry cluster has exceeded one trillion yuan.

Last September, Foshan General Chamber or Commerce proposed "Made in Foshan" Home Furnishing Industry Alliance, aiming to comprehensively promote the industry IP of "Made in Foshan", and boost the exchange of resources like customers and channels in the industry of home furnishing.

During the press conference, experts in home furnishing industry gathered and witnessed the establishment of Foshan Home Furnishing Industry Alliance. The conference also issued the "Made in Foshan" Industrial IP Enterprise Management Standards, which stipulates the terms, general provisions and application requirements of "Made in Foshan".

Commented by Li Lianzhu, president of Foshan Home Furnishing Industry Association, the association shoulders the mission of brightening the IP "Made in Foshan", and it will strive to promote the high-quality development of Foshan home furnishing industry.

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