Digital Manufacturing Summit Forum opens in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-03-27 18:15

On March 23, the 2023 Foshan Digital Manufacturing Summit Forum (hereinafter referred to as the "Summit Forum") was held. The event invited more than 100 industry experts from leading enterprises, frontline investment institutions, and innovative enterprises to discuss the new model of digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry.

The two-day Summit Forum included projects signing, high-tech zones promotion, projects performance, on-site visit, etc.

On the same day, the list of the most innovative enterprises TOP50 in the digital manufacturing industry and the list of high innovation points enterprises in Foshan High-tech Zones 2022 were released, too.

Specifically, 30% of the listed enterprises hold the most independent innovation technologies in the industry, and 14% of the enterprise have filled some of the domestic technologies gap. In addition, the technological innovation of the listed enterprises is deeply integrated with the manufacturing industry, with 92% of the listed enterprises having their industrial application scenarios.

Additionally, a series of signing ceremonies for projects and cooperation were also held. Enterprises expressed their full expectations for the transformation and upgrading of Foshan's manufacturing industry, hoping to accelerate their own digital transformation.

Foshan has always been at the forefront of digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading. Recently, Foshan formulated the Action Plan on High-quality Promotion of Manufacturing Industry, proposing that 80% of large-scale industrial enterprises in Foshan will implement digital and intelligent transformation by 2026. A total of 120 intelligent demonstration factories, 400 workshops and 300 benchmark projects will be built.

Qian Zhong, deputy secretary-general of Foshan Government, said that digitalization is the only path for the high-quality development of Foshan's manufacturing industry, and it is hoped that this event would bring new suggestions on business models and development paths to Foshan enterprises, injecting new impetus for transformation, upgrading and innovative development.

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