Sanshui invests 7 mln yuan to launch five assistance projects
Foshan China 2023-03-29 17:10

Photo provided to Foshan Daily

Recently, Sanshui has introduced over 7-million-yuan investment to launch five assistance projects in Pingtai Town, Yunfu City. The investment has covered various fields including agriculture, manufacturing industry and infrastructure.


Se-rich Paddy Industrial Park is one representative project in agriculture. In 2022, Datang Aonong Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd from Sanshui District has entered into one 3-year leasing contract for 50-hectare land in Pingtai Town. The total investment is expected to reach 5 million yuan.

Apart from the supporting industrial facilities invested, Aonong Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd also introduces new species GM-corn in March, which is expected to improve the yield by 12000-18000 kilogram per hectare.

Additionally, with the help from provincial agricultural talents, 600,000 yuan have been invested to build one 17-hectare se-rich fruit cultivation base, specializing in the planting of passion fruits, grapefruit, honey pomelo and lemon.

Manufacturing Industry

In early 2022, Fenjun Toy Factory has invested 100,000 yuan to build one top workshop in Pingtai. Currently, there are 15 sewing machines in place. With 12 local women employed, it generates a revenue of 40,000 - 50,000 yuan per month and an average income of 2,000 to 3,000 per capita, providing one successful example in poverty alleviation and economic development.


In the past two years, the supporting team has made significant achievements in the development of infrastructure, including school and house renovation, grants for excellent students, stationery for kids and etc.


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