2023 Foshan Enterprise Listing Work Meeting was held
Foshan China 2023-05-18 11:23

2023 marks the 30th year that Foshan enterprises have entered the capital market. On May 15, 2023 Foshan Enterprise Listing Work Meeting was held, summarizing past experience and practices, and discussing strategies for further development.

Under the guidance of Foshan Financial Bureau, Foshan News and Media Center released the Capital Empowerment in Manufacturing Industry: The Blue Book for 30-year Listing of Foshan Enterprises (1993-2023), which portrays the experience of Foshan's listed companies since the establishment of contemporary China capital market.

On April 7, 1993, Rongshan International (now China TCM), located in Chancheng, was listed in Hong Kong, which marked the start of the listing work of Foshan enterprises. In the following 30 years, Foshan enterprises have steadily developed and rooted in the capital market, with the number of listed companies growing from only three in 1993 to 76 now, and with the total market value exceeding one trillion yuan, ranking the forefront in China.

After entering the capital market, Foshan's listed companies have also fed back the land that cultivated them. For example, in 2022, although accounting for only 0.15‰ of the total 513,300 enterprises, Foshan listed companies created about 23.50% of the industrial output value and 28.89% of the net profit, performing as a strong driving force in local economic development.

At the meeting, Foshan announced that it will take the lead in launching the pilot work of capital market services for specialised and sophisticated enterprises, which will provide them with comprehensive services such as standardized share reform and financial matching, making full use of the capital market to empower their development and growth.

The supporting plan for listing was also launched at the meeting. Through grouping, identifying issues and providing guidance, the program is to solve various problems of enterprises in the process of listing.

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