Sanlongwan unveils new industry development plan
Foshan China 2023-05-30 17:01

On May 26, the "Sci-Tech Innovation for a New Start" Conference and Key Project Signing Ceremony was held at Sanlongwan Nanhai Area in Foshan. The conference has unveiled the "Sci-tech City with One Axis, Two Wings, Three Parks, Four Strategies, 100-Billion Value and 10000-Acre Coverage" Development Plan. With the signing of agreements for 16 key projects and establishment of Foshan Sanlongwan Innovation Partnership Alliance, the area aims to propel its technological innovation and industrial development to new heights.

At the scene of signing ceremony

"The conference is an active exploration to advance the construction of Sanlongwan Technology City," said Pan Dongsheng, Vice Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Sanlongwan Sci-tech City. The conference demonstrated Sanlongwan's commitment to develop its technology industry, upgrade its industrial chain, and build a top-tier global technology hub in the Greater Bay Area.

New strategy for industrial development releases for Sanlongwan Nanhai Area

Sanlongwan Nanhai Area, positioning itself as the Central Technology and Innovation District, released a new development plan called “One Axis, Two Wings, Three Parks, Four Strategies, 100-Billion Value and 10000-Mu Coverage”. The plan aims to boost high-quality development and technological innovation to achieve the goal of "Sci-Tech Innovation for a New Start" over the next decade.

16 key projects signed and the Sanlongwan Innovation Partnership Alliance established in Foshan

16 key projects in industries, talents, and funds were signed on the spot. These projects span a range of areas including cooperation with Germany, high-end talent cooperation with Hong Kong, talent services, advanced manufacturing, and industry investment. Among them, nine Hong Kong projects and two German-funded projects landed in Foshan. The launching of these projects have brought a new pattern to Sanlongwan, promoting its outward foreign investment attraction.

The 9 Hong Kong projects that successfully landed in the area were all spearheaded by doctoral talents from Hong Kong or prestigious overseas universities. It injects high-quality resources into the construction of a talent highland.

During the event, the Foshan Sanlongwan (Nanhai) Innovation Partnership Alliance was formally established. The alliance aims to bring together resources to provide professional support for the efficient transformation of scientific and technological achievements, boosting the upgrade of industrial transformation.

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Photo | Song Zitan, Sanlongwan Nanhai Area