Liwan-Nanhai Talent Cooperation Zone launched
Foshan China 2023-06-08 17:38

On June 6, the launching ceremony of the Liwan-Nanhai Talent High-quality Development Cooperation Zone was held. According to the cooperation agreement, Liwan and Nanhai will jointly build six major work brands for mutual talent cooperation.

By the end of 2023, a practical model of the Liwan-Nanhai Talent High-quality Development and Cooperation Zone will be initially established, and by the end of 2025 an influential regional talent cooperation brand in the GBA will be built.

In 2016, Liwan and Nanhai have already signed a regional talent cooperation framework agreement, based on which the new agreement introduces six key policies for upgrading talent cooperation between the two districts, namely mutual recognition of talent identity, interconnection of talent platform, exchanges and interactions among talents, co-education of talents, joint management of talent introduction, and sharing services for talents.

At the event, Gu Yaohui, Secretary of the Nanhai District Party Committee, delivered a speech that Nanhai will take this talent cooperation zone as a new starting point to carry out deeper cooperation with Liwan in fields like scientific and technological innovation, industry, and humanities.

In addition, at the roundtable forum on talent cooperation and high-quality development after the ceremony, experts and scholars agreed that in the future, Liwan and Nanhai will deepen regional talent cooperation, strive to create a practical model of talent cooperation in the GBA, and finally provide better talent resources for high-quality development of the GBA.

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