Sanlongwan campus of the First People's Hospital of Foshan to open in 2027
Foshan China 2023-08-10 17:12

The Sanlongwan campus of the First People's Hospital of Foshan is expected to open in August 2027.

"The infrastructure and supporting facilities in Sanlongwan are becoming more and more complete, which may attract more and more young talents to gather here. I also plan to work here after graduating from university."

"It will be more convenient for us to have access to medical treatment in the future, especially with many top-notch doctors to provide medical services in the Sanlongwan campus." The residents living nearby are looking forward to the opening of the Sanlongwan campus.

Currently, the Sanlongwan campus has completed the first and second level design processes and preliminary design plans for the entire project, including special elements for structure, HVAC, electric and plumb. The construction has started from July 1 this year.

After the completion of the first phase of the Sanlongwan campus, the estimated number of its daily outpatient reception will be around 2,000, and the number of available hospital beds will reach around 500. After the completion of the second phase, the estimated daily outpatient volume will reach 2,000 to 3,000, and the number of hospital beds will increase to 800.

According to Liu Yongyao, the secretary of the Party Committee of the First People's Hospital of Foshan, the Sanlongwan campus will be positioned as an internationally comprehensive hospital integrating medical care, disease prevention, research, and transformation with innovative concepts. It will focus on the development of an international medical center with a tumor specialty and comprehensive medical care as the foundation, providing high-end medical services. By introducing international advanced management mechanism, high-end medical technologies, and talents, it will be based in Foshan and further radiate to Southeast Asia, providing world-class medical services to better support the construction of healthy and livable cities and first-class business environment within both Foshan and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

High-quality medical resources are important supporting facilities for the high-quality development of a city. Currently, there are 6 tertiary hospitals and 7 secondary comprehensive hospitals in Nanhai District. In fact, Nanhai has established 76 key specialty departments at the national, provincial, and municipal levels, which almost cover all major and critical diseases and difficult diseases, providing high-quality medical service for residents.

Today, Nanhai has been built into a national health city, a national comprehensive prevention and control demonstration zone for chronic diseases and for promoting the health of farmers, a national advanced unit of traditional Chinese medicine, a national demonstration zone for mental health education in primary and secondary schools, and a health promotion zone in Guangdong Province. Its pursuit of "collaborative health, joint construction of health, joint management of health, and shared health" has basically formed, and the health network extends to every corner of the district.

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