Foshan Holds Cross-border E-commerce Conference to Promote Global Trade
Foshan China 2023-08-28 17:45

On August 24, the Shunde District Cross-border E-commerce Chamber of Commerce in Foshan, together with Foshan New City Cross-border E-commerce Agglomeration Zone, Honey Club, and other organizations, jointly held the "Pursuing Breakthroughs - Foshan Industrial Brand Going Global and Premium Product Sourcing and Procurement Conference" in Foshan New City. The conference aimed to help Foshan's cross-border e-commerce businesses explore overseas opportunities and promote Foshan brands going global.

At the event, a range of Foshan-manufactured products such as solar-powered fans, automatic garlic mashers, and multi-functional adjustable desks and chairs made their debuts at the procurement conference. Company representatives engaged in product selection and collaboration with platform operators, cross-border e-commerce sellers, and traders.

Foshan Vertex Lighting and Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. presented four popular smart ceiling lights at the event, targeting the European market. The company, located in Longjiang, Shunde, aims to expand its overseas business and gather more market information through this procurement conference.

"Our platform currently has over 40,000 Foshan manufacturing enterprises registered. We utilize internet technology to empower these enterprises in expanding their global business and help them explore international markets in a simpler and more efficient way," said Lu Kefeng, Vice President of Bossgoo Group. As a one-stop service provider for global digital marketing and cross-border e-commerce, Bossgoo Group has settled in Foshan New City Cross-border E-commerce Agglomeration Zone, aiming to provide more convenient services for Foshan manufacturing companies.

The event attracted over 500 participants, including Foshan manufacturing companies and cross-border e-commerce industry representatives. The conference provided a high-standard platform for product selection, facilitated trade cooperation by leveraging relevant industry resources, and served as a bridge for communication, bringing together renowned enterprises and professionals in the field.

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