Building Bridges and Boosting Collaboration: German Ulm Delegation Explores Investment Opportunities in Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City
Foshan China 2023-11-17 17:53

In a bid to deepen Sino-German exchanges and foster collaborative growth, a delegation of 13 representatives from Germany, including the Steinbeis Foundation for Economic Development, Ulm Technology Incubator, and Ulm Angel Investors Association, paid a visit to Foshan's Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City from November 12 to 13. During their stay, the delegation embarked on visits to key locations such as Danzao Xianhu Hydrogen Valley, LESSO Group, Qiandeng Lake Venture Capital Town, Shenling Group, Guangdong Andao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., and the Chancheng District Investment Promotion Bureau. These visits aimed to facilitate discussions on potential partnerships and establish a shared vision for development.

Particularly noteworthy is the composition of the Ulm Angel Investors Association members within the delegation. These individuals, serving as founders or investors in technology startups, span diverse sectors such as medical devices, new energy, and information technology, representing the forefront of innovation in the German technology landscape.

Immersing in Economic Dynamism and Grasping Investment Policies

A tour at the Nanhai (Foshan) Hydrogen Energy Exhibition Hall in Danzao Xianhu Hydrogen Valley provided the delegation with insights into various hydrogen-related exhibits. Covering approximately 4,000 square meters, the Hall showcased the achievements of Foshan's hydrogen industry through multimedia presentations, interactive electronic devices, and product models. Discussions during the visit revolved around the development plans for Xianhu Hydrogen Valley, the growth of new energy and hydrogen technology enterprises, and a comprehensive understanding of Foshan's overall approach to hydrogen development, strategic positioning, industrial layout, and research and development accomplishments.

At the Qiandeng Lake Venture Capital Town, the delegation conducted on-site inspections of the core area and the big data exhibition hall. This visit allowed them to gain a deep understanding of the town's current development status, construction initiatives, and left a lasting impression on the achievements and operational models it has achieved.

Precise Business Matching, experiencing Foshan "Samrt Manufacturing"

During their visit to LESSO Group, the delegation delved into the automated production workshops and the Exhibition Hall. Here, they experienced firsthand the intelligent, efficient, and high-quality production processes of a digitally integrated smart factory.

LESSO Group stands as a major role in the domestic building materials and home furnishings industry. Its business spans sectors such as pipes, building materials and home furnishings, environmental protection, new energy, and supply chain service platforms. With over 30 advanced production bases across 18 provinces in China and overseas countries, the group achieved a business revenue of CNY 30.767 billion in 2022.

During their visit to Shenling Group, the delegation toured the company's exhibition hall, the Tianmian Smart Energy Station, and production workshops. This allowed them to gain in-depth insights into the latest technological integrations in digital platform visualization equipment, heating and ventilation management platforms, low-carbon technologies, and building environmental control.

Guangdong Shenling Environmental Systems Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 301018), established in 2000, operates as a modern enterprise providing comprehensive vertical solutions for environmental control. It engages in research and development, design, manufacturing, marketing services, integrated implementation, and operation and maintenance. The company specializes in four major areas: environmental systems for data services, industrial process and research environments, professional applications in specialized fields, and high-end indoor environments for public buildings.

Additionally, the delegation visited Guangdong Andao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. They gained further insights into the company's development journey.

Guangdong Andao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2020, operates as a comprehensive biopharmaceutical entity engaged in research and development, design, production, and operation. The company is dedicated to the innovative research, development, and application of natural Chinese medicine plants. It boasts an independent factory of approximately 3,500 square meters, a 100,000-level dust-free and sterile workshop, and physical and biological cell laboratories. Currently collaborating with multiple universities and research institutions, the company has achieved preliminary success.

Through these visits, the delegation deepened their understanding of Foshan's hydrogen energy, smart manufacturing, and biopharmaceutical industries. Upon returning to Germany, they expressed their intent to explore collaborations between relevant German enterprises and Foshan. Notably, during the course of their interactions, Chinese and German companies reached several cooperation intentions in industries such as new energy, environmental protection, energy storage, and biopharmaceuticals.

Roundtable Discussions to Explore Collaborative Development

From November 12 to 13, the director of the Foshan Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City Management Committee, Pan Dongsheng, and the deputy director, Zhu Xixiong, accompanied the delegation on their visits and engaged in roundtable discussions with the representatives and local enterprises. The talks focused on deepening practical cooperation and achieving mutual development, while jointly exploring opportunities and prospects for cooperation.

Janet Qin Yan, Co-founder and Head of the China Internationalization Pilot Project of the Steinbeis Foundation for Economic Development, and representative of the Sino-German International Science and Technology Innovation Ecological System Service Platform in Shenzhen, expressed the foundation's longstanding close ties with the Foshan Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City Management Committee. The organization's goal in organizing this visit was to enhance everyone's understanding of Foshan's enterprises and business environment, discuss mutually interesting technologies, foster comprehensive interaction, and explore additional possibilities for collaboration.

Pan Dongsheng extended a warm welcome to the delegation and provided an overview of Foshan and the development of Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City. He highlighted Foshan as a nationally renowned manufacturing city with a rich cultural history, boasting numerous well-known enterprises and brands. The delegation's diverse members, representing various sectors in Germany, were acknowledged for their innovative contributions, dynamic intellect, and proactive approach. Pan Dongsheng assured continued support from the Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City in facilitating communication and building bridges between Chinese and German enterprises. The aim is to promote collaboration between German companies and local enterprises in Foshan, facilitating the landing of more advanced projects, technologies, and talents.

Pan Dongsheng stated, “We hope that this visit will serve as an opportunity for further strengthening communication, precise alignment of needs, establishing regular contact mechanisms, and anticipating collaboration in the near future. We sincerely welcome the delegation to visit Foshan and Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City more frequently in the future, fostering mutual cooperation and development."

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