Shiyanyan: an archaeological site with historical trails in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-04-20 09:45

Good news comes that Shiyanyan site was selected as Guangdongs "Ten Archaeological discoveries". Shiyanyan is an ancient quarry dating back to 3000-6000 years ago in Xiqiao Mountain, Nanhai. The large-scale minging carried out in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty (14th-17th century).



To some geographical reasons, more than 100,000-square-meter site sits under water now, which has been protecting it from any possible damages in the past centuries. It can still be seen that this disused quarry is well-organized, with multiple functional rooms. The important cultural finds include lamp and pottery pot.



More is expected to be revealed through further under-water archaeological work.



The site becomes an attraction where visitors can access to the history through the above-ground geographical wonders, like “Stone Screen”, “Stone-made Ancestral Hall” and “Skylight”.


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