Lianyuan Library: pleasure of reading in Chinese garden
Foshan China 2022-04-26 09:23

Inspired by ancient Lingnan gardens, Lianyuan Library was unveiled in Ronggui sub-district, Shunde in this April. Take a walk here, and you will be rewarded with a relaxing trip where you can immerse yourself into exquisite architecture, literature and art.



The library consists of two zones - Lvyun Studio and Quyun Stuido.


Lvyun Studio, covering 65 square meter, houses 8,000 or so books in 2,500 catagories. It is actually a combination of library, coffee & tea shop and souvenir stall. 


Quyun Studio is a 120-square-meter venue for cultural and art exchange. Exhibitions, salons, campaigns for intangible cultural heritage will be held regularly here.


Besides, such decorations in the library as lotus-shaped lanterns, Chinese characters, Lingnan Embroidery and Manchurian window display rich cultural deposits.


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