Stories and tales housed inside this old block in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-05-31 11:16

Yinggang Community, tucked inside the Zumiao Sub-district, is enclosed by four roads, Funing Road, Weiguo Road, Weining Road and Jianxin Road, as measured by about 0.36 square kilometers. In this area, 16 antique alleys have kept a treasury of historical marks, like Shengyuan Street, Xinan Street, Shan Street and Yapang Street and Tongxin Alley.


Well-preserved cultural relics, including Guogong Ancient Temple, Xiuyan Fugong Temple, Hongsheng Ancestral Hall, and Chen Shengs former residence, takes you down a memory lane of Foshan.

Now, this community has more to offer as a toursim spot, with captivating human stories from some of the following renovated shops.


A passionate family from Northeastern China: a perfect combo with Cantonese flavors 

Lingnan Courtyard is a specialty restaurant run by Sanjie and her family, from Northeast China. As passionate travellers, they have left their footprints on some many places in China over the years. Their inspiring stories started in a random visit to Yinggang Community three years ago, when they eyed on the house and rent it right away.

The renovated location has then turned into a popular destination for delicacy. It is a place of memories where old pictures were framed all over the wall - Sanjies older pictures, a plate craved with the iconic Baihua Square in Foshan, books printed way back in 1986 by Chinese novelist Sanmao and a 1995 calendar... 



Sanjie and her husband have been in the catering industry back home for 40 years. Now theyve decided to make explorations by fusing their hometown recipe with the classic Lingnan flavors.

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