Pick your mandarin orange for 2022 in Chencun, Shunde
Foshan China 2022-01-05 09:41

Just like how Christmas trees mean for Westerners, mandarin orange is a symbol of good luck in Chinese New Year(CNY). For centuries, it has been a household custom to set up gorgeous flowers and plants of mandarin orange when the CNY comes.

Chencun in Shunde District, crowned as "Millennium Flower Town", has a history of planting mandarin orange for more than 1,000 years. Nearly 80% of mandarin orange plants sold all over China are bred in Chencun, the largest planting base for mandarin orange nationwide.


Mandarin orange trees carried by farmers (Photo by Liang Jianyong)



On January 3, the 2022 Mandarin Orange Culture Promotion Month (Chencun) was kicked off in an online ceremony. By combining online and offline sales approaches with "six major measures", the event will allow citizens to take home more affordable plants for this Chinese New Year, and in turn, benefit local agriculture in Chencun.



Farmer watering new year plants (Photo by Ye Yaomin) 


Six Major Measures to Benefit Local Farming

Online Flower Fair


This month, an online store will be launched, which includes pre-sale of quality mandarin orange trees that meets national standards and coupons giveaway on each Monday and Friday ("300 minus 100" and "100 minus 30"). With just one tap on your phone screen, your mandarin orange trees will be shipped home.



How to get coupons?

Step 1: Enter the mini app "陈村花会" ("Chencun Flower Fair")

Step 2: Click in "领取优惠" ("Receive Coupons")



Step 3: Click "个人中心" ("Mine") and check out your coupons


Benefiting Farmer through Consumption


This year, coupons with a total value of 3 million will be issued on Alipay. These coupons can be used when buying mandarin orange trees in Chencun.


Pick-up Services


During the month, there will be various sites where citizens can pick up their orders. 


Media Convergence to Prosper Agriculture


By using media and e-commerce resources, media works this year will help to promote the brand of "Chencun Mandarin Orange". Plus, some Internet celebrities are also invited to do livestreaming sessions, which promotes sales of quality new year plants.

Smooth Logistics


As the month begins, some local major logistics companies (including SF Express and Huolala) team up together to offer more preferential logistics prices, allowing more new year plants to be shipped home safe.


Group Purchase to Promote Sales


This year, there will be group purchase platforms where supply and demand can be better presented and logistics services will be improved for citizens.


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