Appealing “Lion Dance” basketball court shown in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-01-14 09:24

Wonderful colors, striking lion dance graffiti...The newly built “Lion Dance” basketball court in the Sports Park in Dali Nanhai draw the most attention in local area.


Built in 2013, the 8-year old Dali Sports Park needs to be rebuilt to satisfy the daily use of local basketball fans. After two months of restoration and transformation, the new court is equipped with two standard five-a-side full courts, four standard half-courts and a standard childrens basketball court, aiming to build a landmark basketball park.


Overlooking the Sports Park, a “Lion Dance” graffiti image of about 2,700㎡ in the middle has become a unique landmark. "Using hand-painted technology, the graffiti combines basketball with Foshans traditional culture to better convey sports spirit and traditional culture." The person in charge said.



The basketball park will also introduce the intelligent system. Currently, electronic equipment such as the unmanned ticket gate and automatic ball rental machine are under installation, and basketball fans can scan the code for self-service ball rental and storing items. At the same time, the beverage self-service vending machine will save you from the trouble of thirst.



At present, the basketball court is in trial operation, and it can be used for free before January 20. The court will set up a welfare time from 6:00 to 14:00 for the public after it officially opens.


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