Cross Tongji Bridge online on February 15
Foshan China 2022-02-14 09:46

Falling on February 15 this year, Lantern Festival marks the end of the Chinese New Year, and “Crossing Tongji Bridge”, a tradition that dates back 400 years, is a grand event held in Foshan on this special day. The local believes that crossing the Tongji Bridge helps you get rid of all bad luck!


This year, for the regular epidemic prevention and control, the event is to be canceled. The temporary traffic control will be adopted in the area around Tongji Bridge from 00:00 on February 15 to 00:00 on February 17.


However, good news comes that the event will be held online and tons of online campaigns are waiting for you! Stay tuned and keep following our Wechat official account of “佛山新闻网”!



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All you need to know about

"Crossing Tongji Bridge"


The distinctive feature of “Crossing Tongji Bridge” is to bring windmills, wind bell, lettuce and other mascots.




Bringing lettuce is a common custom of crossing Tongji Bridge. Lettuce(生菜) stands for making money in Chinese. Tourists can take lettuce back home after crossing the bridge, which means taking money home.


Windmills imply smooth sailing and good luck, while wind bells have a good moral of bringing gospel after crossing the Tongji Bridge.


However, there are some taboos when you cross Tongji Bridge. For example, don’t take two-way route with a return. Otherwise, it’s unlucky.




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