Go for a fun trip! AI park landed in Guicheng, Nanhai
Foshan China 2022-02-23 09:27

Overlooking the high-rise buildings in Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone, the first Sports AI Park in Nanhai Guicheng comes into view, which is open to the public for free now.


Located in the core area of Zone A in Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone, the park covers an area of about 10,000 square meters. Designed with Cosmic-themed Activity Area and Landscape Platform, the park is equipped with various leisure and sports sites including Sightseeing Platform, Air Bar, Childrens Recreation Area, Smart Runway, Basketball Court, Table Tennis Field., etc. Constructed by artistic techniques, it’s a public space integrating interaction, learning, leisure, games and sports.



The elements of Qiandeng Lake Park incorporated in the AI park show an ecological picture in wind & waves landscape effect, delivering a strong sense of technology and beauty.



Next to the spaceship landscape in the park, a blue smart runway runs across the middle of the park. When the runner clicks "I want to play" button at the starting point, the system can record the time and speed, and also check the PK list after reaching the finishing line.



The seemingly ordinary smart bikes are actually linked to the big screens in front of them. Citizens ride in place and interact with each other, and at the same time the competition on the screen also begins, which makes people feel like playing a game.




The AI interactive light and music device in the park will be completed soon. At a specific time, tourists can interact with the stairs together, and the light and shadow of the ladder will also change with the music.


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