Spring outing in Foshan, here comes the perfect itinerary!
Foshan China 2022-03-08 09:17

What should we do during the weekend with excellent weather condition?


Definitely, the best option is to enjoy the beautiful view and have a lovely picnic with your friends.


Where is the ideal camping site? Here are some of the best choices for your itinerary.


Chancheng District 


Foshan Youth Park 


Located in Shiwan Subdistrict, Foshan Youth Park is one of ten outstanding scenes along Dongping Riverside, and the key project within “Diamonds in Shiwan” (“星耀石湾”) construction plan.   



In Foshan Youth Park, there is always something to offer. There is vast grassland for picnic, sport field for exercise, and pathway to enjoy the scenery along the river.  



Nanhai District 


Nanguo Peach Blossom Garden 


With vegetation coverage of over 90%, Nanguo Peach Blossom Garden is known as the most beautiful peach blossom garden in South China. You can see the ripples reflecting the golden sunshine and feel the freshness blew to your face.



When spring comes, it is the most pleasant time to enjoy peach blossom.  


Xianlu Island 


Located in Nanhai District, Xianlu Island is also one recommended site for camping. Riding through the sea of flowers, you can feel the happiness brought by those smiling flowers.  




Shunde District 


Shunfeng Mountain Park 


Planning for picnic, Shunfeng Mountain Park is the place you should not miss as well. 



Every inch here is decorated with tress and grassland, and every breath you take is filled with freshness.  



Additionally, it is a place for romance. By walking through these attractive building, Mobius stair, giant lemon sculpture, glass church and etc, you can definitely spend some quality time with your beloved ones. 



Junan Nansha Island 


Junan Nansha Island is a peaceful paradise tucked far away from all the bustles and hustles in the city. 



From rambling, having picnic to flying kites, you can have some intimatacy with the nature and find your own inner peace. 



Gaoming District 


Midea Egret Lake Forest Resort 


Midea Egret Lake Forest Resort is the unique place where tourists barbecue and do endless toasts.   



Fused with various architectural elements, the resort is home to multiple camping options like car camping, wooden villas, water tent house and etc, in addition to various recreational facilities. Your trip will be so much fun. 


Taikang Mountain Ecological Resort 


Taikang Moutain, located in Mingcheng Town, Gaoming District, is covered in thick forests and surrounded by rivers. Rambling in this natural oxygen bar, you can listen to a beautiful symphony by singing birds, streaming rivulet and even the vibrating leaves. 



On top of the adventure in forests, there are an eye-dazzling array of facilities you can turn to. 


Sanshui District 


Xiaonong Street Natural Kingdom (小农街自然农国) 


Xiaonong Street Natural Kingdom, located in Leping, Sanshui, is also an alternative for camping. Free of all the noise and anxiety, it is a place for you to lay in the chair and idle away from sunrise to sunset. 



Kindly Reminder 


For safety reason, please remember to wear your mask and keep a distance away from others. To maintain a nice and clear environment, please bring all you belongings and wastes before you leave.  


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