This bookstore in Foshan won an "Oscar" of design
Foshan China 2022-04-19 09:24

To memorize a city, one might first think of its signature culture. Thats where the city finds its soul and root. 


On April 23th, just about the World Book and Copyright Day arrives, iF Design Award, long deemed as the "Oscars of Product Design", announced its annual winners on a list, where the Reading Station in Financial High-tech Zone won the International Design Award.  


Winner for iF International Design Award 


As the brainchild of LKK, a Chinese design team, the location was overall designed in a wooden texture, inwrought with glossy doors, windows and rooptops. The complex stood out aesthetically more with the classic strokes of Chinese characters, craved on the surface. 


Strokes of Chinese characters craved on the surface 


Glossy rooptops that lures sunline in the book house 


The station fuses multiple functions together. Here, visitors are free to read, borrow, find lockers and space for offline activities.  


As agreed by the design team, acquiring knowledge is like a city growing in motions. As time passes, a city, once resembles a stone, will finally turn into a gem. With that in mind, the design team incorporated local "gem" elements from Pingzhou, Nanhai.  


As for its interior design, the station allows different settings that cater to all readers - corner sofas, chairs, stools or just sitting on the floor. 


Glass vault and wooden stairs 


"In the past, it was high-tech products that won most of the iF Design Awards. This time the Reading Station is like a breakthrough as it has been given humanistic value and made social impact." shared by Feng Wei, General Manager of Foshan LKK Technology Co., Ltd. 


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