Whats the hottest trend in Foshan? Camping!
Foshan China 2022-05-07 09:28

As the prevention and control policies against the pandemic in China proceeds, international tourism, or even inter-provincial tourism, has been suspended for some time. In Foshan, however, this has sparkled a new wave of local tourism as residents here seek an outlet for tension and a source of leisure. 


Instead of traveling miles to their dreamy destinations, people in Foshan find new pleasure in excursion, or so-called the "mini trip". 


For a friend catch-up on the weekend, camping is now the best choice for all. This May Day Holiday, numerous parks in Foshan were crammed up with tents on grassland, where people talk, barbecues and picnics in open air, just idling away the rest of the day. 


According to trip.com, a Chinese tourism website, Foshan has been listed as the Top 10 camping destination. Many scenic spots in Foshan saw the trend coming before then launched camping projects 


Campers at Mountain Time  (Photo by Chen Jiaqin) 


Camping popular at Yingxiang Ecological Park (Photo by Hong Hai, Foshan Daily) 


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