To honor "the birth of Lv Dongbin" online on May 14th
Foshan China 2022-05-16 10:14

The 2022 celebration of "the birth of Lv Dongbin" held online on May 14th. During the celebration, citizens watched the "Eight Immortals" sailing on Tingyin Lake, six cruise groups and join the online temple fair.


Temple fair at "the birth of Lv Dongbin" was certified as Foshan Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009, and further recognized as Guangdong Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013.  


Moreover, the six cruise groups have incorporated Kungfu, lion dance, industrial crafts, etc, promoting the culture addition to industrial achievement in Xiqiao Town.  


To assure the celebration is held as planned, raffic control will be mapped out at the celebration area. During the celebration, all motor vehicles are prohibited to enter the area. Detailed restriction is illustrated below:  


1. Restricted Area and Time 

From 8am to 11am on May 14th, the segment between Qiaoyuan Road West Gate and Qiaoyuan Yunmen Road is restricted for all motor vehicles. 


2. Change in Bus Routine 

Regarding Qiao No.1 Bus Line and Qiao No.3 Bus Line, Qiaoyuan Stop and Xiqiao Mountain Hotel Stop are temporally cancelled, buses will travel through Jinhu Avenue, Qiaoyun Road. 

Regarding Qiao No.16 Bus Line, Qiaoyuan Stop, Xiqiao Mountain Hotel Stop and Xiqiao Junior High School Stop are temporally cancelled.  

Regarding Qiao No.17 Bus Line, Tingyin Lake Stop is temporally added.  


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