Photo | Captivating moments on Gaokao, 2022 in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-06-07 10:11

Today and along with the next two days, 44,607 high schoolers in Foshan will sit the life-changing "Gaokao", college entrance examination, and writes down the chapter for their lives.


It is about the backbone of a younger fighting generation who lives up unapoplectically to not only themselves, but to their beloved home and country.

Here are the most captivating moments in this years "Gaokao".


At 8:00 a.m., Guicheng Senior High School, all teachers waited downstairs for the students to enter the test rooms. "Zongzi" and sugarcane (signfying a soaring success in Cantonese culture) were prepared in hope of good luck for the students.  




Chinese teachers even held up some sunflowers and gave heart-warming high-fives to all students. 




8 caring teachers at Shimen Middle School, groomed with cheongsam, "qipao", who are also alumnus at the school, sent out their most sincere blessings.



All teachers came at the testing site of Rongshan Middle School were dressed up in red T-shirts. They lined up and gave high-fives to each one of schoolers. After too many clapping, some of them even joked that their hands seemed to be swelling a bit.




Besides from diverting traffic flow and keeping traffic orders during their shift, traffic police at Jiujiang Police Station held up some well drawn "cheer-up" boards for students. 



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