Foshan stages top-notch traditional landscape painting
Foshan China 2022-07-13 11:01

On July 9th, "Flowers in Nanyue", the Contemporary Lingnan Flower and Bird Paintings was launched at Tianxiong Art Museum in Sanlongwan. Tons of local art legends  Shang Tao, Lin Yong, Zhou Yansheng, Chen Yongqiang, Fang Chuxiong, Su Baijun, Li Zhucheng, Fang Tu, Chen Xiangbo, Song Lujing and Lin Lan. 83 fine paintings from 22 contemporary artists, with flowers and birds as the main subject matter, were presented at the event.



Sponsored by Guangdong Chinese Painting Society, Foshan Artists Association, Contemporary Lingnan Art Center, and Tianxiong Art Museum, the exhibition serves as a celebration of art pieces with different styles and themes. Some uses subtle and deep brushwork. Some uses an outburst of ink. With the traditional Chinese brushing technique, some works stood out with strong modern reflections.



This exhibition will last until August 7th, at the Tianxiong Art Museum in Sanshan Community, Guicheng, Nanhai.


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