Shunde Cate in Fo-Qian Tourism and Culture Week
Foshan China 2022-07-20 10:52

In order to enhance the cooperation and cultural communication between Foshan and Qiandongnan and further promote cultural infusion and development of tourism, Qiandongnan and Foshan government jointly held 2022 “Fo-Qian Tourism and Culture week”. As one of representation of Foshan delicacy, Shunde Lixiji brought various local snakes like Daliang Bengsha and Longer (a kind of pastry/snack) to Foshan-Qiandongnan Delicacy Festival and impressed local tourists tongue.



Fo-Qian Tourism and Culture Week is a symbol of Foshan driving cooperation between the West and the East, improving cooperation between Foshan and Qiandongnan to better integrate into Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Great Bay Area. During the Festival, Chen Wenxin, the director of Foshan Culture,Radio, Television, Tourism,Sport and Public Press Bureau, paid a visit to a series of Foshan delicacy and Foshan intangible cultural heritage products. Various Foshan snacks like Sunde Lixiji, Zhoudaniang milk on the Foshan-Qiandongnan Delicacy Festival constructed a bridge for further cultural communication and collaboration between Foshan and Qiandongnan.



According to report and work arrangement for national new phase Eastern and western collaboration and Guangdong and Guizhou in 2021, Foshan would take over the responsibility to help 15 counties in Qiandongnan State that is under poverty line, and there would be a brand-new start for Mountain-Sea cooperation. Over the last year, Foshan had continued to gradually reinforce the supportive policies for Qiandongnan, and had done its best to help construction of industrial park, industrial matchmaking, and improved cooperation in various perspectives. Foshan is striving to give Qiandongnan an access to blend in the Great Bay Area.


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