List of FS exhibitions coming in July and August
Foshan China 2022-07-21 10:18
Here are the Foshan exhibitions in July and August.
1. Wonderful new era
Location: Sanshui Cultural Center
Time: June 30th – August 15th
It is to present the diversity of culture in Foshan through multiple arts, including painting, sculpture, calligraphy, and pottery. 
2. Pure as lotus
Location: Jihua Park
Time: July 15th – July 30th
The exhibition presents inscription rubbings of sculptures, tiles, swords, etc, from the Spring and Autumn Period to Qing dynasty. 
3. Carefree place
Location:  Serrangel, Daliang Town, Shunde District
Time: July 18th – August 18th
Through Luo Yuxin’s works, visitors can feel the philosophical discussion about the relationship between conception and behaviour. 
4. Blossom in Canton Caontemporary Lingnan Bird -and-Flower Painting Masterpieces Exhibition
Location: Tianxiong Art Center
Time: July 9th to August 7th
It displays the iconic masterpieces of bird-and-flower artists from three generations, which represents the whole development period of modern Chinese paintings. 
5. Beauty of Han Potteries
Location: Ancient Nanfeneg Kiln
Time: July 10th – August 20th
There are over 100 exhibits covering potteries, calligraphy, rubbings. 
6. Breeze & Pure
Location: Randeng Shanfang gallery, Chancheng District
Time: July 3rd – August 3rd
7. Sea and Refrain
Time: until July 24th
Location: Shunfeng Mountain Park
It includes the works of Kazuharu Hanada from 1960s to 2000, which represents the shift of painting style, between western paints and Japanese paints.
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