Dali Nanhai sees new boom with night market & grassland concert
Foshan China 2022-07-27 10:21

One tidy-up car trunk, a pack of shiny life goods, a cup of icy summer drink, a stall with a bustling crowd... On June 23th, it was just one of the amazing nights at the central square of Guangfo Smart City Center and Zhicheng New Street.



From July 15th to August 27th, Guangfo Smart City Center will be of more fun with the night market & grassland concert from 6:00 pm every night. At the night market, residents nearby can have more access to shopping, dining, entertainment, leisure and other more experiences. Every Friday and Saturday, bands and singers will be invited to a grassland concert to deliver sensational musical performance.



Guangfo Smart City Center is one of the eight high-quality nighttime economic hubs in Foshan. Since 2018, the location has introduced three major commercial entities - shopping malls, innovation & entrepreneurship city, and music-themed shopping street, with 3,000 market entities. It has become a brand new destination for shopping, catering, entertainment, culture, leisure, experience, life services and office.


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Photo | Pearl River Times