Foshan DRG.GK to create new e-sport hype in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-07-31 20:52

Since 2017, e-sport Industry has been included as one of the key economic drives in Foshan. In 2021, Foshan has introduced the top E-sport Club DRG.GK (hereinafter referred to as “DRG.GK”). As the famous Chinese actor, Huang Zitao, became the funder and Co-CEO in March, this club has caught everyone’s attention.




Started from August, DRG.GK will embark on its new ten-year journey in Foshan. Headquartered at the Yingyue Cultural Center in Nanhai District, it will work closely with local enterprises in culture and manufacturing industries.


There are also other loads of relevant E-sport companies that have settled down in Guicheng, including Huya Global R&D Research Headquarter, Wenhan Lake E-sport Industrial Base, etc. It is believed that E-sport industry in Foshan will embrace a brighter future.


Photo | 南海桂城