Shishan Ten Miles Street is ready for the second life
Foshan China 2022-08-03 10:35

Guanyao was originally established in Tang Dynasty, as the emperor set up kiln here. Until now, it has witnessed over 1000 years of history.



Additionally, it has confirmed that the potteries on the world-known shipwrecks “Nanhai Number One” were from Wentouling Kiln here.



Nowadays, the refurbishment project in Dongfeng Royal Kiln, which was recently conducted, is giving the new birth to this area.



Along Ten Miles Street, all shops are filled with stories. During the prosperous time, there were over ten staff working simultaneously in Lianxing Printshop.


Rongji Dessert Shop at the cornet, has retained the sweetness of history. With only 4 to 7 yuan, you can taste the original taste of Guangdong sugarwater.



Recently, Shishan has conducted several programs to promote its city image. “Southern Post House, Ten Miles Guanyao” program has started the first stage, which is the cultural refurbishment for three miles. It will incorporate the characteristics of Lingnan water village, commercial city, traditional custom in the blueprint. Eventually, it aims to construct one comprehensive living area with multiple functionalities like entertainment, commercial business and cultural exploration.



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