9 cultural units in Foshan selected on the provincial list
Foshan China 2022-08-04 10:12
The Peoples Government of Guangdong Province issued a notice on the Tenth Batch of Cultural Relics Protection Units in Guangdong Province on August 2, announcing that Guangdong had 132 cultural relics protection units on the list. 

Among them, 9 units from Foshan have been on the list, namely Deng Pei’s Former Residence, Chen Rutang’s Former Residence, Chen Tiejun’s Former Residence, Foshan Sangyuanwei Water Conservancy Facility, Foshan Jingwu Sports Site, Ye Zhengjian Historical Site, Dadun Liang’s Family Temple, Wenchang Tower and Chen’s Ancestral Hall.
As the only one selected in the category of ancient tomb site, Ye Zhengjian Historical Site located in Yanfeng Community, Shishan Nanhai, could date back to the Song Dynasty.
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