Enjoy the different taste of Mid-Autumn Festival in Nanhai Museum
Foshan China 2022-09-14 10:42

On September 12th, initiated by 6 pottery research institutes, Shiwan Pottery Cultural and Creative Exhibition was held in Nanhai Museum and Shi Jingyi Museum. There are over 110 potteries been presented in the exhibition, reviewing the ancestral celebration of the festival, and presenting the thoughts of youth artists about cultural and creative works. It will last until October 9th.



The exhibition is divided into three categories, including traditional theme, modern innovation and practical artworks. The vision of the exhibition is to encourage artists to incorporate those cultural wishes like harmony and happiness in pottery via innovation.



Fang Yingtu, one pottery artist born in 80th century, commented “Compared with the works of older generation, we have made some innovation on traditional patterns. For instance, we will introduce some features from animation, making our works more appealing to young generation.”




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