Ceramics collections reveal the myth between “sparkle” and Foshan
Foshan China 2022-10-11 14:25

A brand-new ceramic collection was this October presented at Ancient Nanfeng Kiln. “Sparkles Up”, as inspired by Foshan’s history with “sparkles”, puts together up to around 2,000 match box stickers, tickets, invitations, philatelic products, cigarette labels, books and some ceramic objects. They were contributed by collector Li Weiqin and other enthusiasts in China. The show will last till the end of October.



Match box sticker is the main item of the exhibition. Foshan, in history, has a lot of stories about “match box stickers”. As early as in 1879, Wei Shengxuan, a native from Zhaoqing, Guangdong, founded "Qiaoming Match Factory" in Wenchangsha, Foshan. That is the first privately owned match factory in Chinese history. The patch on the matchbox is not only the decoration, but also the trademark of the match. With the widespread use of matches, these stickers became conceptually rich and colorful, more diversified with exquisite design. It then became the worlds second most prevalent collection after stamps.




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