Wedding on water reemerged in Xiqiao, Nanhai
Foshan China 2022-11-02 15:58
Boats to pick up the bride and boats full of dowry travel along the waterway. Everyone cheers in a joyful atmosphere. A Lingnan "water wedding" is about to be held in Ruxi village.



"The bridegroom is here to pick up the bride! Quickly get on board." The custom of water wedding has a history of hundreds of years. It is a unique folklore of the water village. The main feature is the complicated and diverse wedding process, with relatively fixed procedures and ceremonial items.



As the seventh batch of world irrigation engineering heritage - Sangyuanwei water key section, Ruxi village is the representative of "Lingnan water town", with traditional custom of water wedding. The photography activity themed "The Water Wedding on the Sangyuanwei" was organized by Cultural Office of Xiqiao Town, Cultural Development Center of Xiqiao Town and Xiqiao Photography Association, aiming to use images, imagination and other elements to show people more about the Town.



Hu Zhipeng, who plays the groom, said the traditional water wedding ceremony is novel to him. "Excellent traditional culture needs to be passed on by our younger generation, and, everyone should come here to visit the beautiful environment of Ruxi Village," Hu added.


"Xiqiao enjoys exceptional natural and cultural resources. In order to promote the intangible cultural heritage of Xiqiao, we hope more people will understand and learn more about Xiqiao," said Li Zhenxin, president of the Xiqiao Photography Association. He added that recreating the water wedding will let people know Xiqiao traditional custom and make people realize the importance of creating a better life.



Xiqiao Town promotes Sangyuanwei culture through cultural and artistic activities. Ruxi Village attracts many cultural and artistic groups through the characteristics of the Lingnan Water Town and the beautiful living environment.


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