600-year ancient village tucked away in Xiqiao Nanhai
Foshan China 2022-11-17 12:02

There is an "ancient tree village", namely Fenggang Village, hidden at the foot of the tea mountains in Xijiang River, where trees have been growing for 250 years and dozens of old buildings have been preserved as they were before.

This week, the myth of this antique town is about to be dispelled. Guangdong Nanhai Earth Art Festival, which opens on November 18, will guide your ways to discover more here.

Normally, centuries-old trees are hard to find. However, Fenggang Village is home to a lush tree community, where over ten well-grown trees stand feets tall for 100 years.

These trees, recognized as Indochina Gragonplum, gather in about 20,000 square meters. So far, this tree community holds the record for being largest coverage of its kind ever found in the Pearl River Delta. Apart from that, 36 ancient houses and 41 older trees are also found in Fenggang Village. Trees here ranges from 100 to 299 in age, with the oldest being 250 years old. 

Ancient trees are still silently guarding this land.

You will feel a vibe of "the Wizard of Greenfield" everywhere In this village.

Indochina Dragonplum has good medicinal value. Locals call this tree "YinLian" and it is also used for pickling and more purposes.

To protect these ancient trees, local department takes protective measures by tagging them (each tree has an exclusive plaque), deworming and fertilizing them, etc.

Each ancient tree is like a piece of art, as they holds many stories and tales. They will forever be the biological and cultural legacy for the region, and reflects the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

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