Foshan Pavilion engages visitors at ICIF
Foshan China 2023-01-05 19:11

On January 2, the 18th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF) has been concluded in Shenzhen. This year, 55 Foshan enterprises along with 600 pieces of cultural products have attended the fair to present the latest achievements of Foshan’s cultural industry.

The design of Foshan pavilion is inspired from the Wok Room, a traditional Lingnan architecture that featured unique streamline structure. Iconic cultural products like dragon boat models, auspicious rabbits, ceramic artworks, etc were exhibited at stands.

In order to promote the Lingnan culture, Foshan takes the cultural and creative industry as a carrier to stimulate its inner vitality. According to a number of exhibitors, cultural products of awakening lions were popular with young people by combining modern cultural creation and traditional handcrafts.

After visiting the Foshan Pavilion, officer from Shenzhen Publicity Department said that through the presentation of Nanfeng Ancient Kiln, Xiangyun Silk, ceramic craftsmanship and Kung-Fu culture, he can intuitively sense Foshan’s efforts in the inheritance of Lingnan culture. In particular, many enterprises have combined traditional culture with modern technology to activate traditional culture in a novel way.

Since established in 2004, the fair has become a leading cultural event in China and an important platform to promote the Chinese culture to go global. More than 100,000 pieces of cultural products were exhibited, and more than 4,000 cultural industry investment and financing projects were displayed and traded on the site. The total number of participants in the main venue, sub-venue and related activities exceeded 2 million.

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